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Peers Offering Wellness and Resources

Our mission is to help people safeguard themselves and their communities from mental, physical and societal harms. We are here to save lives, reduce harm, and address risky behaviors. We offer non-judgmental support and information to the communities we love.

Our team does outreach throughout Baltimore providing narcan, fentanyl testing strips, safe use kits, information and connection to support. To contact Bmore POWER, visit our Facebook page or email Darryl Burrell at

We want to take a moment to honor and celebrate members of Bmore POWER who contributed to the Go Slow Campaign who are no longer with us.

Pheadra Ward


Pheadra Ward was a joyous, creative and loving person who worked with Bmore POWER from 2016-2018. She was a poet and author of the book Recoveroetry.

In 2017, Pheadra was heartbroken to see the deadly impact that fentanyl was having on her friends and community. She wanted to create a public education campaign to warn people and save lives. Her vision became the Go Slow campaign. Pheadra was loved and inspired many people in the recovery and harm reduction communities in Baltimore.

William Miller, Sr.


William Miller, Sr. was one of the founders of Bmore POWER. Will dedicated his life to building Baltimore’s peer-led harm reduction movement. He was also an inspiring community organizer and advocate who was dedicated to fighting systems of oppression and working towards liberation. He was loved and respected by harm reduction advocates in Baltimore and beyond. We are humbled by his legacy and will continue fighting for the dignity and rights of people who use drugs.

The Go Slow campaign was created by Bmore POWER with support from Behavioral Health System Baltimore, the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs and Mission Media. To learn more about the process for creating Go Slow, read - Go Slow: Baltimore’s Peer-Led Harm Reduction Campaign.

testimonial background William Jenkins

William Jenkins knew the dangers of fentanyl. He had seen his friends overdose from not knowing what they were taking. In August 2020 William received a safe supply kit and Go Slow overdose prevention information from his friend and Bmore POWER member Shelly Johnson. When he got home and prepared to take his drugs, he looked at the Go Slow message and it caused him to stop and think. He took a smaller dose and it saved his life. William said:

I know God has a plan for me. If not, I wouldn’t have seen Shelly that day. She gave me Go Slow and it saved my life. My life has been on an upward journey ever since.

William is now in recovery. Read his full story here.